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There are a wide variety of situations in which the ability quickly to generate tamper-proof, traceable and secure documents is valuable.

For instance, a major security problem in many testing and assessment operations is the need to entrust exams or case studies to third party printers and couriers, making a provable chain of custody impossible.

WaterMarker for Word provides a solution, allowing users to create secure, encrypted Adobe Acrobat documents directly from Word. Such documents can be read on-screen and printed, but not amended in any way. The document is prominently watermarked with an identifying code which cannot be removed and will always be printed as an integral part of the document. Password protection can easily be applied.

This allows files to be distributed for example to examination or assessment centres electronically by email or CD ROM, with different watermarks for each centre. Any papers which escape into circulation can be traced directly to the original recipient through the watermark they bear.

WaterMarker runs on any desktop PC running Microsoft Word. Easy, push-button operation saves hours by automating complex processes and a high level of customisation is available. The darkness of the watermark and its font, for instance, are fully adjustable by the user through a simple interface.

The software incorporates fully into a Word installation, adding an extra toolbar for single-click access to all the WaterMarker tools.

Used in conjunction with CaSelector, WaterMarker represents a complete security solution for Assessment Centre establishment.

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