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There are a number of electronic solutions available for the production and marking of multiple choice tests, but none which can match all the features of our Specialist Testing And Syllabus information System (STASiS).

So what's different? Well, to start with, we believe that the first step in testing is robust syllabus management. STASiS allows for a hierarchical syllabus to be created and managed electronically. This also feeds naturally into construction of appropriate training objectives

Testing items (questions) are constructed to link directly to syllabus points and  are allocated a classification as knowledge items, comprehension items or application items.

A whole variety of test specifications can be drawn up to focus on different parts of the syllabus with different weightings. The number of questions is user-definable, as is the balance required between knowledge, comprehension and application. From the specifications, the system can at any time create a unique, randomly drawn test which matches precisely the syllabus areas specified and the balance between knowledge, comprehension and application.

STASiS will work quite happily with Optical Mark Recognition systems for computerised bulk marking of tests, and - of course - automated results production is standard.

But STASiS goes further in two key respects:

1. With an increasing reliance on case study application exercises to verify skills alongside knowledge, STASiS contains a case study generation element for producing briefs to support these exercises, all mapped against syllabus areas.

2. With increasing scrutiny of how knowledge tests are validated, STASiS comes with a full suite of validation tools allowing the ultimate regulatory comfort of validation by the leading providers of test validation in the industry.

If you are happy with your existing testing system but would like the additional functions of STASiS to run alongside it, we can provide this through our iOTA and CaSCADE systems.