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Our range of services has developed with the marketplace. All our services were created in response to real client needs.

We have acquired a reputation as the leading authorities in financial services on matters of testing and assessment, and our clients know that all our services feature:

  • A close familiarity with regulatory demands
  • An appreciation of business needs and constraints
  • A sound and extensive theoretical and academic base, but a thoroughly practical and pragmatic approach
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Unrivalled quality assurance processes

The services outlined on this site are:

Knowledge measurement audit - an industry first audit service comparing all aspects of your testing regime with best regulatory practice.

Item bank services - a range of services to assist in item design, review and maintenance.

Item design course - a training event to train and accredit your own people in best practice item design and review.

To find out how we can help in your organisation - whatever your industry - contact us for a free consultation.