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Q: I heard something interesting at the conference I attended last week that will help me in my daily work but I can't figure out how to do it. In Access, how would one go about removing spaces and vowels from a text string?

A: Get ready for this, because it ain't pretty...

CutVersion: Replace (Replace (Replace (Replace (Replace (Replace ([Field1], "a", ""), "e", ""), "i", ""), "o", ""), "u", ""), " ", "")

That'll do it, but a custom function in VBA would probably be neater.

Postscript: Greg Chapman (http://www.layer1wireless.com) proved me right on this last point, with this follow-up:

You're right, that's ugly but it's very functional. I like it!

Here's the VBA version (no prettier, I'm afraid) with a subroutine made to test the function:

Sub TestReplaceSpaces()

strTest = "This is a test string."

MsgBox strTest

strTest = ReplaceSpacesVowels(strTest)

MsgBox strTest

End Sub



Function ReplaceSpacesVowels(strToSearch)

Dim arrCharacters(11)

arrCharacters(0) = "a"

arrCharacters(1) = "e"

arrCharacters(2) = "i"

arrCharacters(3) = "o"

arrCharacters(4) = "u"

arrCharacters(5) = "A"

arrCharacters(6) = "E"

arrCharacters(7) = "I"

arrCharacters(8) = "O"

arrCharacters(9) = "U"

arrCharacters(10) = " "

For I = 0 To 10

strToSearch = Replace(strToSearch, arrCharacters(I), "") Next I

ReplaceSpacesVowels = strToSearch

End Function



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