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Q: We have two Word documents to merge in a Mail Merge exercise. One is a simple table with the data, all in 12pt Tahoma. The second is the Merge document which contains some merge fields. The whole document is formatted in 12pt Tahoma. I have checked this and selecting all the text shows "Tahoma 12pt" in the Font selection box, so I know there is no mixture of fonts.

The problem is that, although <<FirstName>> is used twice in the document (once in the Address and once in the Salutation), in once place it shows and merges as 12pt Tahoma, in the second place it insists on showing and merging as 10pt. The field itself, when displaying the field names, displays as 12pt - it is only when Show Data is on and in the Merged Document that it shows as 10pt.

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon and do you have an explanation and a resolution?

A: In using the MailMerge facilities of Word, I've learned that virtually anything can happen. I think we can fix this little anomaly, though. Having manually applied the format you want, view the field codes (either from the right-click menu, or ALT+F9). Then change the field from {MERGEFIELD Name} (or whatever) to {MERGEFIELD Name \* MERGEFORMAT}. Then flip back to viewing results and update the field. This should fix it.


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