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Q: What's a RAQ?

A: Like a FAQ, only slightly more obscure!

If you're looking for how to do something in Excel or one of the other Office applications, there are some pretty good FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sites around. For Excel, this page summarises the best of the available material:


The Virtual Help Desk is also a useful portal for help.

A new site is Vertex42's Excel Nexus, a directory of Excel links, including templates, tutorials, add ins, tips, training, and articles. Users can rate links and add comments.

However, you know how it is. There's always something you want to do that no-one's ever thought of. You search and search, but you can never find out how to do it, right?

Well, in the hope that it might one day help someone desperate, we present our RAQ ('Rarely Asked Questions'). Most of these little snippets relate to Excel, but there are some on other parts of Office, too. These appear in Q&A format because they are genuine questions our Excel expert, Ray Blake, has helped people solve in Excel and Office forums.

If you'd like to find out how we can help businesses solve their Excel and Office issues, email us. If you'd like to give us some feedback on these pages, email us.

RAQ1 - Message based on day of the week in Excel

RAQ2 - Finding the n largest values in Excel

RAQ3 - Highlight the current or past month in Excel with conditional formatting

RAQ4 - Auto fill invoice template in Excel with pull down lists

RAQ5 - Calculate difference between two dates in Excel

RAQ6 - Calculate current age in whole years in Access

RAQ7 - Overcome Excel to Word mailmerge number format problems

RAQ8 - Automatically fill blank or empty cells in Excel

RAQ9 - Getting COUNTIF to work with other functions in Excel

RAQ10 - Counting unique items in a range in Excel

RAQ11 - Getting rid of empty paragraphs in Word

RAQ12 - Limiting entries to a fixed list and preventing duplicate entries in Excel

RAQ13 - Importing comments from Excel into Word mailmerge

RAQ14 - Subtracting or adding whole years with leap year dates in Excel

RAQ15 - Preserving decimal places when converting numbers into strings in Access

RAQ16 - Running Excel macros stored in add-in (xla) files

RAQ17 - Word mailmerge font format changing problems

RAQ18 - Checking for the existence of a given toolbar

RAQ19 - Getting the wheel mouse to work in the VBE when writing VBA code

RAQ20 - Creating a full legal format datestamp in Word with the ordinal switch

RAQ21 - Making an Access form field enabled or disabled / visible or invisible based on the value of another control

RAQ22 - Making square cells in Excel

RAQ23 - Error handling in Excel VBA

RAQ24 - Sharing Excel macros with other users

RAQ25 - Stripping spaces and vowels from strings in Access

RAQ26 - Allowing a user to select an Excel range within a VBA macro

RAQ27 - Inserting a truncated filename at the end of a Word document

RAQ28 - Shading every other line in Excel

RAQ29 - Highlighting dates in Excel more than two years old

RAQ30 - Transferring data from the same cell in many worksheets to a list in a new sheet


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