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Each of our products was designed to meet a real client need.

Wherever we have deployed a solution we feel has wider application, we have then developed the application further ourselves to offer to other businesses.

Too often, 'custom solutions' are no such thing, and the same R&D gets paid for by several clients several times. That's not our style. We're open and honest about whether you are buying an existing solution, or one we are designing specially for you.

The products outlined on this site are:

WaterMarker - an add-in for Microsoft Word to create secure, tamperproof and traceable documents in print and electronically.

iOTA - an Excel-based tool for analysing and validating multiple choice tests

STASiS - a complete application for the design and management of training curriculum and testing with a number of unique benefits

ACiS - an Excel-based tool to automatically schedule assessment centre activities for a small or large number of people.

CaSelector - a tool to assist in the deployment of secure case study assessment materials and release sitting data on a day-by -day basis at a remote location.

CaSCADE - a complete application for design and management of detailed case study examinations or role plays.

To find out how we can help in your organisation - whatever your industry - contact us for a free consultation.