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If you have been operating knowledge measurement testing then you will know the importance of a high quality item (question) bank. For too long companies have settled for poor quality, knowledge-based questions, such as the minimum premium chestnut which do not properly measure a candidate's ability to apply complex knowledge and undertake meaningful analysis through understanding.

With the Regulator's stated policy in CP157 to align the industry to the guidelines of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, many companies are now wanting to overhaul their item banks.

GR Business Process Solutions are the market leaders in knowledge measurement, and we are increasingly being called on to apply our expertise in supplying item construction and review services.

This can range from training in-house item writers in QCA best practice, through advising edit committees on the new requirements, to actually supplying items in large or small volumes to your knowledge syllabus.

We are also able, as part of this service, to supply detailed quarterly analysis of the sitting data produced by our items (through our iOTA software) in order to validate their use in action and increase the effectiveness of ongoing review and revision of items over time.

Our clients have found that our attention to quality and our underpinning familiarity with best practice has significantly improved the provable validity of their knowledge measurement programmes.