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If you conduct multiple choice testing, consider the following questions:

  • Are all of our questions fair and well-written?
  • Does a test result reliably indicate competence or otherwise?
  • Can we prove we have tried to ensure our tests are effective?
  • Does our testing programme provide useful feedback on the effectiveness of our training?

The iOTA (intelligent objective test analysis) programme provides an easy way to analyse your multiple choice testing and answer all of these questions. Provided you currently use an automated testing system (e.g. AdTest, TestMaster) or you transfer your manual marking to a database or spreadsheet, iOTA can be geared to work automatically on data you already possess.

The software analyses the available sitting data for each multiple choice question and test, producing a straightforward report, commenting on:

  • Facility how easy is the question and the test overall?
  • Discrimination how well does the question distinguish between a more able and a less able candidate?
  • Soundness how far does it appear that the correct answer has been identified and is being marked as correct?
  • Distractor effectiveness which, if any, of the distractors (incorrect options) are not credible and therefore reducing test effectiveness?
  • Correlation how does the ability of the candidates compare with previous sittings? Has the training been effective for this group?

In financial services, iOTA represents an excellent resource with which to face the Regulator. You can provide evidence that proper steps have been taken to ensure testing produces a reliable indication of competence.