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In order to meet demands for our item bank services, we have developed a training course and accreditation process. This allows us to use associate designers with confidence that their output will meet our high standards.

In response to demand, we have now made this course available to our clients, including a worldwide, top-3 consultancy organisation, a national UK IFA and a top UK insurance company.

We will visit your site and train up to 8 of your in-house team per course. The agenda includes:

  • Learning theory including Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Syllabus design

  • Principles and standards in item design

  • Statistical analysis of item and test performance

  • Matching items to syllabus and cognitive level

  • Item analysis and repair

  • Item design practice and feedback

The one-day course culminates in a formal accreditation exercise. Detailed, written feedback is provided after the event to enable any further development needs to be met.

Our clients have found that even their most experienced item designers have derived considerable benefit from our course.

We can, of course, provide additional post-course support. For example, we have been asked to assist with the setting up and bedding in of an Edit Committee. Other clients have asked us to review samples of designers' output and provide developmental feedback.