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CaSelector (the intelligent Case Study Selector) works as a companion with ACiS and WaterMarker to form a complete remote Assessment Centre solution. Its role is to release to an Assessment Centre Manager on a daily basis the case study versions to use for that particular day.


At head office level, a simple matrix is completed, detailing the case study references for cases available for the assessment. This can then be locked, hidden and deployed – within the CaSelector tool – to the remote locations.

At the remote location, a schedule can be produced of the cases to be used for the present day’s assessments.

Depending on your requirements, this can be either:

  • Randomly generated on the day at the remote location; or
  • Randomly generated ahead of deployment with a reference copy retained at head office for sample cross checking

The allocation can be truly random, where duplicated cases are allowed during the assessment day, or randomly seeded, where such repetition is precluded.

GR Business Process Solutions will create a version of CaSelector specially tailored to run your assessment centres your way. We will discuss your requirements and code a fully working and fully tested version of CaSelector within a week.