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CaSCADE (the Case Study Capture and Development Engine) is designed to provide a complete solution to the case study design process. If you have had to create and manage a case study bank before, you’ll know how difficult it is to create and control all the paperwork:

  • Individual items of data might need updating in several places across a number of documents
  • Dependencies between data items are all but impossible to manage effectively
  • Documenting the cases studies uniformly means the briefs become huge and full of empty spaces
  • The cut-and-paste design process means artefacts from earlier cases persist into later ones and cause much confusion.

With CaSCADE, there is finally an easy way to case study excellence. Using a simple interface which resembles a point of sale factfind, you can create new case studies and manage an existing bank quickly and effectively. Filtering and calculation routines are built in so that you are not asked to provide irrelevant detail and so that the budget always adds up! Cases can then be selected singly or in bulk and a variety of briefing documents created on a fully automated basis. The application then acts as a store of case study information for later retrieval and easy updating.

This professional application can save hours of work and create the kind of faultless result which has repeatedly proved elusive using conventional, labour-intensive methods.

GR Business Process Solutions will create a version of CaSCADE specially tailored to fit your sales process and sales documentation. We will discuss your requirements and code a fully working and fully tested version of CaSCADE within a week.

CaSCADE has also been developed to manage case studies in a business review environment, where it produces a full historic file, complete with fact finds, illustrations, complaint letters, questionnaires and so on. It can automatically produce a fact find and illustration which is historically authentic based on the case date.

Business review case studies have traditionally been third-generation amended photocopies and have required an enormous creation and checking effort. Furthermore it has been very difficult to link case studies to a learning syllabus. With CaSCADE, perfect business review case studies linked directly to learning and business objectives are effortless.