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In 2003, we undertook a major piece of research into the effect of guessing in multiple choice tests. In the first study of its kind, we invited volunteer candidates to take part in two tests, one constructed using sound multiple choice question design principles, and another containing various question flaws we believed would give candidates clues to the correct answers.

Our findings represent the only experimental data currently available in this important area, and are presented in our new book:

Guessing or Assessing?

Multiple Choice and the False Pass Problem

by Graham Barrow and Ray Blake

ISBN 0-9546899-0-9

The book contains a wealth of insight and practical help for anyone involved in creating, setting, specifying or marking multiple choice questions and tests.

The book can be ordered direct form GR Business Process Solutions at a cost of 39 per copy, including postage worldwide. It is in A4, spiral-bound format and contains 101 pages.

Payment is accepted by cheque denominated in pounds sterling using our order form, or by credit card. If ordering by credit card, we offer the option of an Ebook in printable PDF format at a discounted price of 29 instead of the printed book, although we will be happy to deliver the book conventionally in printed form if you prefer.

Please allow 28 days for delivery if ordering the pint version, but the electronic version will normally be dispatched within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

A downloadable extract of the book is available here. If you cannot read the extract of the order form then you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader from If you need a Word version of the order form, please email us using this link.



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