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Our Excel Add-in, Ray's Tools, is now available for free download and unlimited personal and business use.

Once installed, to temporarily disable the add-in go to Excel menu "Tools", click on "Add-ins" and uncheck the box for "Ray's tools".

If you need to uninstall the Add-in, follow these instructions:

  1. repeat as above

  2. go to "Tools" then "customise" and click on the "Toolbars" tab

  3. check the box against "Ray's tools" and then click on "delete"

  4. finally delete the file that you downloaded and voila – no more Ray’s tools

  5. Next time you launch Excel you may get a message saying that Excel cannot find the add-in “Ray’s tools” and asking if you wish to delete it - just answer “yes”

If you want to reinstall, you can download the add-in again here. Save it wherever you like (preferably in the add-ins folder, but it doesn't really matter) and then double-click it to open Excel and setup the new add-in.