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Excel lets you hide worksheets within a workbook, which can be handy if for instance you want to conceal the workings of your spreadsheets, or want to keep the user interface clean and simple.

Fortunately, you can also unhide these sheets, but ONLY ONE AT A TIME. This can be a major frustration if you need to do this a lot, particularly since the command is buried a couple of levels down in the menu structure.

Our new add-in rectifies this problem and allows you to hide and unhide multiple sheets with ease from a simple form.

You can download the add-in here. Save it wherever you like (preferably in the add-ins folder, but it doesn't really matter) and then browse to the file from Tools-Addins in Excel and your new toolbar will be available.

We have an article you can read containing the source code which makes the add-in work. You can read it for free here.