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FREE hidden sheets add-in now available

Our first Excel Add-in, Ray's Tools, is available for free download and unlimited personal and business use.

The Add-in is a collection of tools which have been developed to make daily Excel use easier. A custom toolbar gives access to the following tools:

  • Show/hide worksheet tabs

  • Show/hide scroll bars

  • Show/hide row and column headings

  • Centre across cells (rather than merge and centre!)

  • Centre text vertically

  • Toggle word wrap

  • Horizontal text

  • Vertical text

  • Toggle colour lines (makes multi-row, multi-column sheets more readable, especially when printed out.)

  • Make and link new sheets

The "Make and Link New Sheets" alone will save many hours or work and frustration. If you need to make a number of worksheets, Excel requires you to insert worksheets which it gives a standard generic name. You then have to rename them all individually. Once there are more than about 20 of them, navigating your way around and back to the summary sheet gets complicated.

This tool provides an easy way both to make new sheets and to navigate between them.

Start by typing the names you want directly on a worksheet, as shown on the left. You can type any number of names, and you don't have to turn them all into new sheets if you don't want to.

When you select the range (or part of it if you only want to create a few of the named sheets) and then hit the Make New Sheets button, the tool will build you new sheets with the appropriate names, as below.



Back on the main sheet, you will see the names you typed in are now hyperlinked to the new sheets and that on each new sheet, a link back to the main sheet has been placed in cell A1:

You can download the add-in here. Save it wherever you like (preferably in the add-ins folder, but it doesn't really matter) and then double-click it to open Excel and setup the new add-in.

Note that you may be asked whether you want to enable macros in this file and you will need to enable them for it to install. After installation, this message should not return. Note that if your macro security level is set at 'high' you will need temporarily to reduce it while you install this add-in.

Uninstallation is simple. The instructions are here.