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ACiS (the Assessment Centre Intelligent Scheduler) is designed to release Assessment Centre staff from the tedious task of scheduling day to day assessment activities. If you have run assessment centres the hard way, you’ll know all about the following problems:

  • Late night flipchart scribbling to plan the day ahead
  • Confused candidates turning up late or to the wrong room
  • Role players, actors and assessors eventually all getting to the right place, but never at the same time!
  • Scrappy assessment records with all sorts of crossings out and revisions

ACiS seeks to mitigate all of these problems and many others. In the hands of a Centre Manager, ACiS can work magic, providing:

  • Personalised schedules for candidates, assessors, actors, etc detailing what, where and when for the whole day or days of the centre
  • Prefilled assessment paperwork, detailing case study references, assessors names/codes and so on
  • Results summaries for candidates detailing outcomes and feedback areas if desired.
  • A permanent record of activities and outcomes

All of this is available from a simple interface. Just fill in the names and numbers and press buttons to make ACiS do all the hard work for you. You get accuracy, consistency and organisational ease every time you run that assessment centre.

GR Business Process Solutions will create a version of ACiS specially tailored to run your assessment centres your way. We will discuss your requirements and code a fully working and fully tested version of ACiS within a week.